About Us

Global Talent Company Limited is one of the international leading Human Resources, Organizational Development and Training Company.

We assist business organizations, educational institutions and individuals to explore their potential capability.

The company is headquartered at Bangkok, Thailand with its operations also in India, Singapore, Malaysia and North America.

Global Talent is spearheaded by a team of passionate experts in Human Resources, Training, Quality and Consultation. We, at Global talent, believe in analyzing challenges of our valued customers and providing implementable customized solutions.

Global Talent Key Strengths

  • Assured LocalRegional and Global Outreach
  • Highly passionate customer centricity
  • Competency of Global professionals with GLOCAL thinking and deliverables
  • Demonstrate action with passion to deliver the business results

Our selections of models to value add clients are the result of extended and continuous evaluations and assessment of individuals, teams and businesses. Our custom-designed programs go through a robust assessment of business needs in line with competitive environment, people processes and then design the transformation and intervention to ensure complete alignment

The company is headquartered at Bangkok, Thailand with its operations in India, Singapore and Malaysia.

GTC is promoted by a team of professionals in the field of human resources, training, quality  and consultation with passion of delivering excellence as a way of life. Our teams of professionals believe to determine, analyze, customize and deliver the learning and development model to the specific needs of our valued customers.

GTC business model focuses on promoting mutual learning in Asia Pacific regions and globally with faculty from multi cultural backgrounds with specific knowledge of Education Excellence, Human Resources & OD Excellence, Manufacturing Excellence, Talent Acquisition Excellence, Talent Development Excellence, Corporate Retreat & Outbound Excellence, Students Retreat Excellence and Business Excellence.

Our team would be happy to assist the valued customers for capability and competency building through customized training and development programs and initiatives across various segments of the business.

Vision, Mission & Values


To build and establish Global Talent Company presence in three continents by 2020 and delight valued clients by our continuously evolving 360-degree solution for People, Process, Quality and Organizational Excellence.


Facilitate with perseverance and passion individuals, institutions and business organizations to identify, nurture and unleash talent and inspire exploring human potential capability leading towards the personal, professional and business success.


Great respect for Human Talent
Guaranteed Customer Focus
Global Outlook
Good Ethical Practices
Generate Passion for Success

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